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Went to Halfords today to pick up some engine oil.Zippy and Bungle were of no help whatsoever and tried to palm me off with some own brand crap.


Where do you lot get your oil from..?






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Halfords own brand is supplied by Comma - I asked in my local Halfords, not on a Saturday wink.gif!.gif


If you want comma genuine branded product, gove comma a call on 01474 564311, or look here.


If you call them ask for your nearest stockest. They will tell you based on your postcode. I found that the Genuine Comma product is actually cheaper than the Halfords branded products anyway thumbsup.gif!.gif


Happy hunting.





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There was a long thread on engine oils on Tech Talk some while ago. The conclusion was that Halfords' engine oil is indeed made by Comma. I bought some, believe it equates to Syner G (or is it Zee?). I can't remember the viscosity rating but if you search Tech Talk, you'll find out everything you wanted to know (and a lot you didn't), trust me!


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