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Bleeding brakes


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1600 Xflow live axle (Ital)

Any idea on the correct sequence for bleeding brakes ? I have been re-coating cycle wing stays which means disconnecting brake pipes. I've replaced, and bled the brakes. The pedal is firm but I'm convinced I have a bit more travel than before. Any ideas please.


Thanks in advance for any help.



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Generally the instructions are start as the furthest slave cylinder and move towards the master, so I would expect:


Rear nearside drum

Front nearside caliper

Front offside caliper


However, if you haven't touched the rears, then you don't need to bleed them other than for completeness or if the fluid was getting old anyway.






Low tech luddite - xflow and proud!

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Leave it a few days then have another bleed in the normal way. It's never happened on any other car but I'm convinced that the little pesky air bubbles collect somewhere obscure and unbleedable. After a couple of days they seem to get bored with it and wander down to the calipers and sit around waiting for a trip down the bleed tube to the great jam jar in the sky.
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