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caterham talk - aargh!

Pete Howard

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(btw this is petes daughter!)


for my GCSE english, I have to do a 10 minute talk on a subject of my choice - Ive chosen to do it on the caterham seeing as my dad has built one! does anyone have any interesting facts, info etc... on the car? any help is greatly appreciated!!

thanks xx

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Take a look at the "HISTORY" section of the Se7en-Up website here.

There's lots on the roots, history and development of the Seven.

There are also a few technical specs for various cars.

It shouldnt be that hard as most of the people I know can talk for hours and hours on the subject of Caterhams.

(Maybe Chris clark can give you a bit of coachingteeth.gif)


Hope the above helps...and good luck!



79' Crossflow Supersprint

"The original X-Power"

www.Se7en-Up.co.uk id=green>


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Hello Pieter Dottir smile.gif


If your father already slopes off once a month to his local area meeting, ask if you can tag along. You'll meet people of all ages, from a diversity of backgrounds with one common thread... Caterhams or Lotii. I'm sure they'll also be delighted to meet a young lady with a nascent interest in their pride and joy (cars that is ...before the young bucks amongst this mottley crew start tempting you to accompany them to the local disco) blush.gif If he doesn't yet make this monthly pilgrimage, you can make the suggestion, in the name of research of coursewink.gif You'll no doubt be overwhelmed with suitable material and your Dad will make a lot of new friends thumbsup.gif


Where are you based question.gif The list of area meetings can be found by clicking on the "Home" area at the top of the page and scrolling down to "Contacts".


Good luck with the project


FH teeth.gif



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here's a few thoughts..

1) its been in production since 1957. that's longer than almost any car.


2) lotus didn't want to make it any longer so let caterham carry on making it. Since then lotus has nearly gone bankrupt several times.


3) it weighs 4 times less than some road cars (eg Mercedes S Class) - so 5 men could pick one up.


4) almost every one is different.


5) some don't have a windscreen, or padding on the seats and most don't have a radio.


um... help me here guys! smile.gif


Dave Hooper - North London


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For a while it was famously banned from competition because it was ''too fast to race'' - that's to say, it was thought a bit unfair on all the other types of sportscar...

It was eventually allowed back ''into the fold'' but under very restrictive rules and had to compete directly with very much bigger, more powerful and more expensive cars.

Now they mostly race amongst themselves - so people can't really complain - but the recent 24hrs at the Nurburgring is a notable and interesting exception.

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Radio - No

Air Conditioner - no

heated rear screen - No

Electric Windows - no

Central locking - No

Sliding Sunroof - No

Anti lock Brakes - No

Power Steering - No

Servo Brakes - No

4 Doors - No

Useable boot - No

Electric Softtop - No Sir

Heater - Maybe


The secret of the Seven to many of us is the things it doesn't have rather than the things it does. Less can be more.

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Just to add a little colour to the ''too fast to race'' story...

It's claimed that the readmission to production sportscar racing follwed the intervention of former Tory grandee Geoffrey Howe who was (I think) MP for Caterham at the time. (Hard as it is to believe that Howe once did something that was laudable...)

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Check out a recent Low Flying for a report on a Lotus 7 coming 13th in a Formula One race back in the 60s :-)


If you want to impress kids at school, then tales of how a Caterham would leave their beloved Imprezas, Skylines and Superbikes for dead around the twisties should impress.


Croft Lap Times from EVO Issue 24 September 2000:


Caterham R500: 1:31.53

Yamaha R1 motorbike: 1:32.96

Stealth B6: 1:35.37 (Le Mans racer come road car mad thing)

Lotus 340R: 1:35.78

Skyline (600bhp): 1:36.55

Mitsi EVO VI: 1:40.55

911 Turbo (996): 1:40.95

TVR Cerbera: 1:41.22


Out of interest, the gap between the 911 Turbo and the R500 is the same as the gap between my Metro racing car round Brands and a current British Touring Car...


You could also explain how light weight not only gives fantastic performance and lap times, but also contributes to fuel economy, service costs and running costs similar to a Nissan Micra...


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i *think* they've recently changed so that they *all* have seven louvres now.


someone commented that sevens don't have a heated rear screen - some of us don't even have a roof!


hmmm.. thats a thought - wonder how much i could sell my roof for (If i can find it and its not gone mouldy...)


Dave Hooper - North London


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Nig has used his roof so much he's worn it out blush.gif


ok nig - how much is a new roof? my usual assumption is s/h stuff is worth half new stuff.


I'll get it out and check the condition of it (its not seen the light of day for a while)


Dave Hooper - North London


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If you're talking about the same thing for ten minutes then don't just quote figures like production years, top speeds, 0-60 times etc, as it might sound a bit boring! (to non-7 people). In which case it might be worth leaving that to the real kids, sorry, enthusiasts/drivers wink.gif. Go for facts, the quirkier and more historic the better!


As for the subject, good choice. I remember getting a B grade in my English oral on the Morris Minor! Surely if a Moggie deserves a B, then....


Rid=blue> 9id=red> 9id=green> 2id=orange> Rid=black> Jid=teal> Mid=purple>


biggrin.gifthumbsup.gifCINQid=maroon> thumbsup.gifbiggrin.gif

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