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Nottingham SVA Centre


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Anyone had a SVA test at Nottingham or is it worth traveling to Derby who carry out the SVA's for the cars built by Caterham Midlands?


Any idea of current waiting times. Car due July hope to complete build early to mid August.





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i had my car done in derby a couple of months ago. the inspector was a top bloke and loves 7s. he*s not interested in the daft things like silicone sealant on indicator screws, taping over wheel balancing weights etc etc.


He tied a few wires up for me, adjusted the headlights and couldn*t have been more helpful.


oh and he gave me the mac


i*d go there rather than chance nottingham

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  • Support Team

A few things that I did some of which were mentioned by others on blatchat (B), the others were mentioned by the inspector(I)


usual SVA caps on all nuts and bolt heads around front suspension (including track rod end ball joint nut)(I)


the trach rod lock nut is covered with a cover the same as the front ARB ends (not

split pipe like the assembly guide says (I))


rubber trim around back and sides of front indicator holders (a la scuttle edge trim - short side of rubber trim on the outside)(B)


SVA cap/foam padding on the widscreen wiper fixing bolt (to protect passenger left knee)(I)


SVA cap on steering lock bolt head (if you haven*t sheared it off)(I)


Foam strip along the horizontal, transverse right angle edge that chins will hit in the footwell (I) but I couldn*t do it there and then so he let me off that one.


Rubber trim to the sharp edges near top of rear dampers (B)


He didn't like the way the wiring was attached to the fuel line in the transmission tunnel. Said it was a failure point but I promised to sort it so he let it go.


Take tie wraps and cutters - there will be some loose wires that need tying out of the way. The inspector must have done 5 or 6 for me (and i thought it was all ok)


I didn*t *tape* over anything (such as popper bases, wheel balancing weights). He wasn't interested in the fog/reversing lights being slightly not vertical.


Hope this helps



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Nottingham did mine last October - long waiting time for weekends at Derby. Despite being very late due to getting timing wrong for trip from John Noble's, Chesterfield (I did ring en route to grovel/explain) they were very helpful. Took the view that they give amateur self-builds priority over trade imports etc. and duly waved me through past other cars which were there before me. They were a little particular about some things, but generally wanted to pass the car, giving time for me to sort to their satisfaction: e.g. realigning headlamp beam for me, allowing me to fit hose and silicone sealant to spare wheel carrier nuts, accepting blobs of sealant over the "sharp" edges on the hinge of the driver's side screen and allowing me to get and apply a fix from Caterham on the 'phone for a misreading speedo.
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