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Looking for a picture for my kids to colour in

Nick Woods

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Does anyone have, or know the whereabouts of, a line drawing image that I can download and print off for my kids to colour in ? I'm thinking of a picture much like this , except of a seven obviously !


I cant draw to save my life and they are at the age (5 and 2) where they like colouring in pictures and want one of Daddy's sports car. The picture must have cycle wings and a proper windscreen so that it looks like mine. (no sarky aeroscreen comments please smile.gif)






P8MRA - The greenid=green> one with redid=red> wings

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Nick, I've emailed you a couple too. They're the Se7ens List logos that I commissioned a couple of years ago for the T-shirts, fleeces and other merchandise that we had produced. Apologies for their largish size, but they print out better this way.
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