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Adjustable Platforms

Gary G

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the adjustable platform kit has the two metal collars (which have gaps round the edge or holes in the perimeter to put in a tool to adjust them) and a sleeve for the shock with a thread covering its outside.


Non adjustable ahs no sleeve (so the shock body is smooth) and only one platform with no adjusting holes.


Dave Hooper - North London


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Gary, it struck me as odd when I saw these on your car. I originally had non adjustables on my car and uprated them to adjustables all round. The spring seats for the non adjustables are significantly smaller than those for adjustables, certainly smaller than yours are. Equally Caterham have changed the spec pof the adjustables (Al has the platforms with the holes in them rather than the notches for example). It sounds a bit stupid to have adjustables on only one end, so to speak and I'm sure someone out there knows whether this is the norm. As a Superlight, your car shold have adjustables all round as I'm sure you know....have you checked to see whether your wings are carbon or glassfibre, I knew ther was a reson I didn't buy that red Superlight at Caterham...wink.gif
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I've got the notches cut out of the platforms on the front, but only one not two platforms??! Might phone the previous owner as he seemed to know his stuff last time we spoke.


Mark, I won't rise to the bait on your last comment! Just going outside to check there's still oil in my engine...wink.gif


C7 GAR id=red>


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