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R700 standing quarter

Trevor Phillips

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10.695 @ 130.81 mph - 1/4 mile

6.940 @ 106.64 mph - 1/8 mile


All done with a relatively poor 60ft time of 1.773 secs. I actually ran a 1.62 sec 60ft time on the day, which would have resulted in a low 10.5 or even high 10.4 time, if I hadn't missed 2nd gear ! Unfortunately rain stopped play.


All done on pump fuel and without launch/traction control - Winter mods re engine, weight and aerodynamics have obviously paid off.

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Phantom Menace,


It was on new 8.5/21.5/13 Hoosier slicks which got better and better with use.


I don't know if anyone's gone quicker(time)/faster(speed) in a Caterham, although I'd obviously be keen to find out.


A good friend of mine has a 2.2lt Pinto powered Dutton, running on C16 racing fuel and 160hp of nitrous giving a total of around 400 hp which has run 10.03 @ 135mph. When we compared timing slips I lost all my time in the first 330ft (1/4 distance) as a result of his drag race rear end and 2.2 second 0-60mph time !

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Congratulations Dave. What was the 330ft time ? Have you run at Avon Park before and how do you think the times compare to Santa Pod ?


A friend of mine has a W*******d that used to run 9s when owned by somebody else. That was a 4.6 V8 with a large dose of nitrous as well.





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Is this the Black and Ally Cosworth powered Cat with the Carbon Kevlar seat? I was having a nosey look around that on Sunday while it was being checked by the scrutineer before going on the strip.


Very nice indeed. I was there with the Pug ppl, but am looking to build a seven of some sort very soon, so I was glad to see some kits there, after a while a thousand modded Pugs all look the same.


What's the full spec of this car cos it really did grab my attention?



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Full run down of 'other' times as follows Ian.


330ft 4.607

990ft 8.917


With a 1.6 sec 60ft time these will both fall by between 0.15 and 0.2 seconds I reckon. I don't think the car's capable of running much under 10.5 secs though over a standing quarter mile, which is interesting considering I built it to run 10.5 secs @ 130 mph.


It's the first time I've raced at Avon Park and to be honest it seems very similar to Santa Pod in terms of length, gradient and surface. Worth noting that car's are scutineered at Avon Park and you need gloves in a 'kit car' whereas you don't at Santa Pod (although arm restraints are required).


There was a black (full road going) V8 W*******d there aswell who knew of you Ian (He mentioned your name before I did funnily enough) - nice guy - borrowed my gloves. I think he was running low 14's at about 102 mph using a standard engine.


There had to be a 9 second car out there somewhere I guess - 4.6 litres and nitrous though - I wonder what a bored out long stroke 4.6 lt DFR would do on gas !!


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Cheers, I've read the spec, and you're mad.


Tis very impressive, how much do you think you've spent on it all?


I had a chat with one of the Westie V8 owners, the one with the standard (non-V8) bonnet with a big hole cut out for the air filter. Seems it was a VX powered car when he bought it. Didn't see it go up the strip tho.


Did anyone get the time that the van on stilts managed, you know the one I mean, it nearly rolled just doing the burnout :D



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I've spent about the same as a standard R500 i.e. About £40k half of which is accounted for by the engine.


It's worth a lot more to me than that though in terms of time and effort achieving the goal of 700 bhp per tonne!


I do recall seeing 'the van'.........who wouldn't ! It was pretty quick actually running low 12's if I recall...........on it's roof !!





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I have to ask, where next? We are all trying to get more out of our cars 1 extra BHP loss of an ounce etc. Do you have anything in the pipe line that will make you run even better times (I saw you ran without launch control) or are you settled with the monster as it is.


Nic Rlot less than half yours


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Hi Nic,


There's always more.........unfortunately Nic.


In terms of weight the only thing i'm changing going forward is to fit motorcycle brakes to the rear which save 4kgs and some alloy shocks saving another kilo. That's really it though bringing the all up race weight to 420kgs.


In terms of traction control/launch I may get into this side of things but I really don't have the time or patience currently ! I think launch control would be of benefit at the dragstrip though so may persevere with this side of things initially.


In terms of engine/power there are wilder cams for the BD, but i'm already taking the engine to 9,500rpm, and want to look after my investment really ! There's also bigger capacity, slipper pistons, narrow stem valves etc but I won't go there until I need to ! The only other thing I might consider is a large capacity Hart engine although fitting it would be a problem. I may also try the engine on racing fuel or even methanol - although i'm not keen on the side effects.


In terms of drivetrain I'd only go sequential if I found a Hewland transaxle modified by Staffs Silent Gear Co for front engine/rwd applications - I know there's one out there somewhere !


The car's now through it's second phase of modifications, with the third phase being to make it road legal.

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Seven in SA.


Dave's going for the ultimate weight saving trick. I said I wouldn't say anything, but between you & I he's having his stomach stapled and is on a "I hate food" hypnotherapy course at the moment!


Well done Dave, brilliant work! Hope this doesn't mean that you'll totally drop the delights(?) of 'roundy' stuff ala Curborough?

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