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Live axle wheel size & rubber?


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My live axle is running 13" wheels with 60 profile tyres. Correct me if I'm wrong but probably a good idea on the track(?)

On the road the car does not cruise comfortably at high speeds.

I'm in the market for new road wheels and rubber. Question is, should I go for 14" wheels on the back with 60 profile? OR 13" with 70's? Is it a good idea to have differing profiles front and back? Can I get 14" alloy wheels -Not from Caterham certainly! Then -probably an age old question- what is the recommended rubber at the moment for the road?

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A lot depends on whether you have a 4 or 5 speed box and the diff ratio.


If running 4 speed box could upgrade to 5 speed (Type 9) for less than the cost of a new set of wheels.


I run live axle 3.62 diff 5 speed box and 13 inch wheels (021Rs 60 series) 5th gear is for relaxed crusing only. I am changing to a 3.9 diff for sprinting and track days but will then probably have to go for a taller first gear.





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