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'K' series beats the V/X yet again!


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OK. The 'Ring showed that a well driven 'K' series Caterham could beat a Caterham Opel/VX engined car.It lasted the twenty four hours without a problem.To see the 1800 'K' mixing it with M3's, Porkers etc and stay out there not only running, but beating 'em was a great sight.

The V/X was off the circuit for some time with problems (not engine related) but when it was running still didn't circulate as fast as the 'K'!


Another old wives tale put to rest.


Great result too for the team (125) running a 1400SS 'K'. Just excellent.


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Be fair Chris , the K did have factory and Minister support as well as Team Parker Motorsport . Probably more budget than all the other Caterham teams put together. But a fantastic result all the same and well worth going to see.


ALan Wain

OO51VEN Licensed to Thrill!!


Edited by - AL Wain on 4 Jun 2002 01:33:18

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