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Hola a todos


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I would just like to say hi to everyone as this is my first time on BlatChat. I am based in La Coruna in north west Spain and have a metallic blue 1.6SS K series.


I am looking forward to meet everyone who is coming on the El Camino de Santiago tour in August and have some nice surprises for you all!


Un abrazo a todos.


Si alguien hablar Espanol, me gusta hablar contigo!!!





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Bien aprecio los abrazos pero mi Espanol no es muy bueno. sad.gif Tenga un tiempo magnifico en el viage d' El Camino de Santiago thumbsup.gif


Con el amor wink.gif


"Los Arreos Repletos" teeth.gif

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No Little Dorit,


It's my name


HarnaisComplait wink.gif


Bah mad.gif Here I am fiddling with my bl**dy printer when the sun's shining and a little red car beckons sad.gif

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I sympathise, I've been stuck indoors the last half a week trying to finish an assignment... and I'm still bally well there! Augh!


Not having a Seven myself might be an advantage in this instance tongue.gif At least I won't get distracted by the empty roads... all I've heard outside my window today has been Bikes heading up Bury Hill, no cars to speak of! Just imagine, you could be out doing that!


There, I feel better now with someone else wallowing in my misery smile.gif


Get out doors you ejit! And bring back more storys to make me feel bad about not having a seven!




Laurence Wilson


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Good to hear from you, and to see you practising your English. Jamie and Mo have been to Spanish lessons all winter, in preparation for the trip. We are looking forward very much to seeing what you have planned. The information that has been put on your website looks very good.

See you in August.

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Hola Manolo,

Pues espero que todos que van a espana por este viaje tienen un tiempo maravilloso. Desafortunadamente este an~o no puedo por trabajo. El an~o que viene, voy a intentar - necesito practicar mi espanol!




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