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Big Brake Kit


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As you've had no joy how about approaching it a bit at a time?


Got some discs from a big brake kit going spare. Grooved and cross drilled. Few years old but good nick. Also two sets of pads, standard M1133 and carbon metallic, all in good nick and little worn. Could probably find the aeroquips too, never used.


Just need calipers now....

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Sorry, my comments were tongue in cheek. Calipers will be virtually impossible to get hold of on their own. If you can find them then they will probably cost more than the big brake kit direct from Caterham. Believe it or not the Caterham kit price is a real bargain for AP racing parts. If you went direct to AP for something similar then you'd pay that for calipers alone, let alone discs, pads and aeroquips.


Worth checking out the Alcon kit from James Whiting. These are pukka calipers that are as good as AP's but run with the standard solid discs. Unless you are doing something like an endurance race with repeated heavy stops I would think these will be just as good and a lot cheaper.

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