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Lydden Hill round 3


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Had a great weekend.

The drysump was brilliant. 4 bar all the time, NO tappet/cam follower aeration. The 36psi light barely coming even at idle after a race or qualifying session. The engine feels a lot more robust now.

Shaved another 0.2 secs off my lap record. With th engine being so well pressured I really used all the revs and got on the power as hard and early as possible.


I had a really good scrap with Cossie powered Fury, ate him up under braking and in all of the bends but his power made it very difficult to make a move stick. I was stuck to him like glue the whole race even though I out qualified him by a full second (his power meant he got me off the line).


No sign of the fluffing / misfire below 3000 rpm I had last meeting. That was poor FUEL for sure. Probably water in the tank.


My Minno is brilliant. Just drove on after the last race and strapped down and home....


3 signatures left now.... One will be at Silverstone.


Nice to see all the L7C guys again. Looking forward to the next meeting already.



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Well done, I enjoyed seeing yellow in both mirrors. My starts are always quick - I got up to fifth by the first corner. The Fury ran well but boils its brakes mid-race.

Next meeting I'll be back in the cherry pink Clubman [just so you know who the car in front is!] [[only joking]]


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1st - Mark Burton - W*******d [sBD Vauhall] Time 8:51.985 (Class C)

2nd - Lol Pilfold - Caterham Vauxhall 8:55.557 ©

3rd - Merrick Linnett - Caterham SLR 8:55.817 ©

4th - Gary Pickles Caterham R500 8:55.914 ©

5th - John Dewing - W*******d SEi 9:11.563 ©

6th - Alan Maynard - Caterham Fireblade 9:15.091 ©

7th - Trevor Phillips- Sylva Fury 9:32.025 (D)

8th - Steve Foster - Caterham 9:32.334 ©

9th- Neil Cordwell W*******d SE1 9:06.684 [11 laps] ©

10th - Denis Jones Jade Clan 9:10.812 (D)

11th - Simon Ray Caterham 9:15.429 (B)

12th - John Hill Caterham 9:16.087 (B)

then 3 Midgets, 1 X MGB Roadster and a Ginetta G2


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