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Who has sold a Caterham recently

Seven in SA

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Just spoke to my old chap and my brother has bought a Caterham. I spoke to him the other day and he was on about buying a toy, I advised a Caterham, telling him he would not regret it.


It is apparently a 2 litre one and he is based in North Essex, he is a short guy with dark hair and is in the army. So if anyone has just sold one please let me know all about it so I can amaze him with how close a knit community he has joined.


Sibling rivaly, I buy a Birkin, he goes one better.





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your brother could do worse that popping along to the "Carrot Land" meeting on Monday (see separate thread). Maps etc on the Club area meetings page.


Where abouts in SA are you?


NN blush.gif

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No Nuts,






Yes I think he is based at Carver. he is a staff sergeant in the engineers (again not too sure). His nickname is Smiler.




Thank you, given that it spoke back, going blind is the last of my worries.



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No, my mate is not a car nut at all. He knows I am getting a Caterham and just mentioned your brother to me the other weekend.Once I have my Caterham I will try to convert him over to the way of the force, the Caterham force that is
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