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Spotted in Kenilworth


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Yes Kenilworth abode for 13 years. I have Metallic blue 1.4 ss with cc nose and all wings. Unfortunately for me the weather turns lovely when the kids are off school so the cat stays in the garage until I find an excuse!(Perhaps going to work in L/Spa Sunday morning at 6.30am counts!)
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Not me either - I was playing out at Hethel (and a tad expensive it was too). Could have been though as I work just up the road - at far end of Westwood Business Park (large utility company - guess who)


I live out near Southam - if you fancy a blast sometime drop me an email.






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Big up the midlands massive!!


I live off the A45 and work up at westwood heath for the examinations board that dont get it wrong... that often






VVC-ya!, wouldnt wanna be ya!!


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Napton on the Hill (just around the corner from the Crown pub) About 3 miles outside Southam towards Daventry.


Sounds like a Midlands register is in order - do you guys attend the L7C meet at Hunningham ?




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Well, I'm one of the 2 AO's for Worcs, which is the best Area in the L7 club list (of course). smile.gif


Anyway, I'm seen all over the Midlands, particularly over the last weekend. Do any of you guys know of the classic car meetings going on in the area? At the Old Royal Oak in Hockley Heath a group of local guys meet up there on the first Tuesday of each month. I went last night and it was packed. There's everything from a mid-80's Group B Audi, Yank Tanks, loads of old MG's (really old, not just MGB's), at least 3 E-types, a DeTomaso Pantera, couple of Scoobs, 2 rollers, 2 Ferraris (both modern but there has been some classic ones in the past) etc...


... at the height of the Summer last year they had over 260 interesting cars. Looks like the one in July is likely to draw a similar crowd.


The group are meeting again at a pub at the Earlswood Lakes. I can't remember which pub, but I can find out and let you know if you email me direct or call 07973 347791.


They also meet in Alcester, which is supposed to be an even bigger event. Haven't been there yet, but will be doing so.


The next event is Thursday 6th June, and then there's one on Sunday 9th June. Call me for details.

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Yes we normally attend the Hunningham meets.

Unfortunately, at the moment I am working out of Warrington, and I don't think SWMBO is available this evening.

Must get together for a blat sometime. I shall be at Prescott (watching) this coming Saturday.

Lali, the A45 is a very long road. Can you be more specific?

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Would the pub by Earlswood Lakes be the Red Lion by any chance, I live about a mile away, planning to go to Warwickshire meet tonight.


Metallic Grey 1700 XFlow




cool.gif1700 Live Axle X/Flow, got the engine upgrade, got the new tyres, now got to lose some weight [red]cool.gif


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Thursday 6th May: Classic Car meet, Alcester - I'll post the details tonight or tomorrow.


Sunday 9th June: Classic Car meet, Earlswood Lakes craft centre, Wood Lane, Earlswood (never heard of it, so I'll be the one blasting round the Earlswood roads with a bemused expression on my face).


Wednesday 12th June: Worcs L7 club meeting, Brook Inn, Elcocks Brook, Redditch.


Tuesday 2nd July: Classic Car meet, Old Royal Oak, Hockley Heath.

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