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Jubilee Celebration


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To celebrate the Jubilee...


This weekend I shall be mostly driving my Jubilee Caterhamsmile.gif No. J007


At the risk of joining the register of registrars, does anyone else on here own a Silver Jubilee 7question.gif Like the one on the front of Chris Rees' book.


Apparently there were 8 made (but one was green...confused.gif


Mark (I shall also be drinking to celebratewink.gif )

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  • 4 months later...

A bit of a late response here ,but just wondering the same a you.

i have Silver jubilee no 8 and its yellow!

I have pictures of it on display at the motor show in 1982 and it was the same colour then.

I have read about no 8 being green, but it may be 9 as i believe there were some unofficial additions made!

Tell me about oo7

I am keen to learn of 1-6 also ,do you have any details?


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Urghhh.... *eek*


I thought that thread had died.... Then like Dr Frankenstien you bring it back to haunt me.


My beloved A500DPH is a Caterham from 1982, No. 007 of 7 Silver Jubilee Special Editions. Colin Flynn (Canvey Island) owned her until 2 and a bit years ago.


Before that I don't know the other (4) owners since first registration on August 1st 1983.


As for Nos. 1-6....


The Jubilee 7 on the cover of John Tipler's book is credited to a Mr Jeremy Bagnall-Oakley and has bench seats and a 'Y' plate.


IIRC there is a picture of a (Silver?) motor show Jubilee car on James Whiting's website... could this be No. 001?


Mine has some odd extras which may well be shared by Chris' Yellow 'un:


One of the first Long Cockpit 7s, she features bits unheard of on a Caterham in 82, such as adjustable seats, all grey trim (inc. hood, doors and tonneau), machine finished dash, grey carpets, nickel plated wish bones and roll over bar, grey frame, elasticated map pocket between the seats, grey padded tunnel armrest, Grey wheel cover, locking filler, special badges and......


>whisper it


She's very loud thanks to a dry sumped 1700ss X-flow on 40s and making a dyno tested 120bhp at the flywheel. *thumbup*


I've a few photos of her which I can mail off if you're interested...


Chris, have you any of no. 8?


Sadly, as there is only room in the garage (and overdraft), for one 7 and one motorbike, she will have to be passed on to a new loving home shortly, as the other is due back on the road in spring.


She'll be in 'For Sale' in a while for £7900 ish..but still....


Better to have loved and lost..... ☹️ ☹️ 😳 ☹️ ☹️




Still not 'spotted' ☹️


Edited by - Mark Jackson on 10 Oct 2002 14:17:20

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Looking on page 64 of Chris Rees' 'The magnificent 7' (No Yul Bryner content), there is a picture of the 1981 Motorfair car:


Also a Silver Jubilee model, it has bench seats, unlike mine, but a padded (in grey leather) tunnel armrest like mine.


The roll bar appears black, not nickel as the others *confused*


The price on the bonnet is £6,950, according to the book this was £7250 at launch.... at the time a standard 1600 XF was £5850.






Still not 'spotted' ☹️

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Thanks for the run down on 007, you have many similar features to 008 reg.A436 GLD.

The car was owned by Ian Staniforth of Staines Midddlesex for a number of years but not often driven.It was looked after by James whiting.

I purchased the car from Caterham Cars which is about 5 miles up the road a couple of years ago.I learnt from them / John at Redline around the corner that it was the 1982 Motor show display car.John actually prepared it and kindly gave me some pics of it on display.

Like Marks it was fully nickel plated grey chassis locking filler , map pocket etc, but the trim,doors boot cover were all finished in tan calves hide.Incrediblely the carpets we white ,could this have beeen the only Caterham pimps car?The seats were of the same hide, adjustable but high back to the extent you could not fit a tonneau because they were higher than the chassis! To my knowledge there was no spare wheel cover and I cannot even vouch for a roof!

The car today is pretty much as original and is in remarkably good condition with a little help from me and others before.

It is a 1600 110bhp example finished in pearlessent (can,t spell it but you know what I mean) yellow although all the log books state gold.It has no Whiting piping but has the silver jubilee 008 on the dash.

According to Caterham Cars 7 silver examples were made plus 1 gold,so I should be alright forthe Golden Jubilee in 2007!

Do send us some pics of 007 and I will forward some of 008.

As for the green Jubilee,John at Redline seems to remember that it was a 2 tone,but who knows where it is now.

Maybe I,ll bring it up as a fresh item in winter !


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