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While the cats away I can polish the bonnet in front of TV

Will White

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I am thinking idea.gif of attacking it with the electric polisher. Then i can have a drink in the other hand.


I have a bad feeling it might send polish eveywhere but i'm sure i'll soon find out biggrin.gif



N381 UPL

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I helped a friend polish his tin top with an electric polisher a couple of weeks ago.


To be honest you might as well just squirt polish direct from the bottle onto the carpet/walls/furnishings etc. We stopped after about 30 seconds and reverted to good old fashioned elbow grease.


C7 GAR id=red>


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Yesterday evening I became a convert to Brasso. I had been using Autosol which was good for getting the grain out of the new ali skin but the Brasso was great for getting that glossy finish that I have been enviously spying on other peoples cars.


the only problem with brasso is that it dissolved the fingers off six pairs of disposable gloves in the process....strong stuff


Ade Ray - owner of the shinyest (?) lawnmower in the midlands teeth.gif


Make the world a better place, hug an estate agent

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So Ade,


The wife didn't ask you to help in the garden then thus allowing you un-interupted session of bonding with Katie.


I understand you've been speaking to my good lady Row. I hope you agree that she is one of the better lawyers. For info she rates First Res as an agency.



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Hi John


No I managed to avoid gardening duties as I was getting the car ready for it's MOT (yes I know the car doesnt HAVE to be shiny to pass an MOT but I cant help it!). More on the MOT in a mo.


Thanks for the comments re First Res, I have to say Rowena is one of the best solicitors we have come across. Very quick, always returns calls....and pays our fees promptly! First Res will be doing its best to send her some more business soon. It would help if I had any houses left to sell!


To get back to the polishing thread. I picked up Katie from the MOT place this morning and as I drove away I noticed a liquid rolling back along my immaculate bonnet. 'What could it be?' I hear you ask...Is it oil? No. Is it Petrol? No. Is it brake fluid? NO. Is it some other fluid associated with the car industry? Well not really.....


It was Tea. With milk (as to sugar I dont know cos I didnt try it). I didnt have anything to hand to remove it with and so I arrived at work with tannin stains on my bonnet. The shame of it! blush.gif


I have contemplated a legal action but have decided instead to see if the Indian government has a spare thermonuclear device they can lend me.


Ade teeth.gif


Make the world a better place, hug an estate agent

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As a "parent" I arrived home after 300 miles from Cornwall in the 7 to find not a single square inch of space between the cans and bottles in the drawing room!!!


Plus ....


Newspapers all over the back room with polish everywhere.


Bless him.


Must say the shine looks really good for Le Mans and thank God the other half wasn't with me.






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