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Are we about to turn this forum into the 'my team tronced your team' forum - or can we keep all non-car chat about 'footie' elsewhere?


As you can probably gather, I am one of the not-so-silent silent majority who don't care that much about the sport. After all, only 10% of the UK population watched the FA cup final - so 90% of us really don't care!


Low tech luddite - xflow and proud!

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Which brings us back to when some of us a harping on about lawn mowers or WWII Bombers or something else equally as dull. I'm gonna come on those threads in future and moan about the fact that they appear on a 7 Forum because like the majority I find them as interesting as watching paint dry. It's been said before, if you don't want to read it then don't. smile.gif


SL = Heaven teeth.gif

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I'm gonna tell you why I now enjoy football:


I've noticed than generally (at least in France), people who like bicycle also like football. So, as long as the french team will be in competition, they will all be looking at TV.

The more people in front of TV sets, the less bicycles on the road.


And the more freedom for Low Flyers!!!!!!


Allez les Bleus!



Cosworth 1600 BDR

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Oh, has there been an Association Football match on today, how odd I though that it was usually a game played on saturdays tongue.gif


Are Accrington Stanley playing ?




"I had a car like that before the war" confused.gif

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I thought that the world cup was next year in Australia..................my mistake, that's rugby ( you know, the sport played by fit people who don't advertise shampoo!!) I have to say, I thought that I was the only person in the country for whom the whole world cup is a matter of supreme indifference.


Tarek (who is now in the shoeing position awaiting a kicking . . although if I were a footballer I'd dive long before you got near me!!)

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Let's not be negative folks. Some of us Sevenners actually like football (ie soccer) too. I actually like most football games, with the exception of that odd

contrivance played in the home of Uncle Sam.


Well done Senegal - it's good to see an upset right at the start of the tornament. Let's hope the next Africa V' Europe encounter (Cameroon V' Ireland tomorrow) does not go the same way.

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Totally agree, however for once in my life I'm very grateful for the Nation's addiction to Football: I'm going for a blat when the England v Sweden game kicks off. Empty roads here we come (and hopefully the old bill will be listening to the radios in their patrol cars and not looking out of the window!!)


BTW, can anyone tell me when the other England games are so that I can plan some more blatting?


C7 GAR id=red>


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It amazes me how negative the English are about their own national game and how unpatriotic they are to their national side. Get behind them for goodness sake. Look at the Irish - every person in the country will be supporting the boys in green, even those who look on soccer as the game of "the old enemy".


Do the English actually PREFER when they got knocked out of tournaments - so they can have a good old moan?

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I'm certainly NOT English, I'm Welsh, and currently living among the infidel teeth.gif.... Every time Wales loose to ANY team I get an amazing amount of 'freindly ribbing', so there is no way on earth that I'm going to 'get behind them'. I'd rather be watching paint dry........


However if it was a rugby match, I'd be there, behind England (tying their boot laces togetherteeth.gif)


Nuff Said (and all in the best possible humour).


Got to be this way, as a top bloke once wrote


It's an old tradition, or a charter, or something....

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