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Its a huge airfield with a 2 mile runway. Was used by USAF for bombers. I guess that the organisers will put some chicanes into it to make it interesting.


I haven't been for some time so not sure what the surface is like now - but was fine 5yrs ago.


After being an active airbase Rootes Group used it as a test track. The track they had laid out was about 5 miles.





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Yes (Chrysler actually)and I drove round it 'til it sent me quite insane.

The surface is always very dirty so stone damage is guaranteed. Regarding grip, it tends to be variable but if you loose it it doesn't matter there's lots of space to get lost in. I fell off the track in the Chrysler days and ended up in the corn, nobody could see me - great place to hide!


Steve B

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If you find a radiator grille with a Lotus badge in the grass at the right-hand side of the straight it´s ours! I lost it about five years ago. Since then the replacement badge has been on the nose cone - at least you can find that when it falls off.


Naomi wink.gif






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