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Interchangeable aero screen and full screen


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I wouldn't bother, once you've changed to an aeroscreen you won't want to change back.


Chris Alston


1800 Supersprintid=green> - Loud and Proud teeth.gif ...well it only sounds fast officer blush.gif

Brooklands aeroscreens for that real open top motoring feeling eek.gif

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Right - have just called Caterham and it's not available yet -July is the best guess.


No price available yet either, although around 200 pounds seemed to be the best guess.


Regards - Michael.

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Has anyone ever tried to make a bracket for the std aeroscreen that also fits the normal windscreen mounting points. I was going to give it a go, just wanted to know if this has been tried before. I noticed that the Tiger car seems to have the interchangable screen already.



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