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Great - the most fun you cabn have on four wheels!! What pleasant reading it made. Andrew Mc even describes the look as well as the sensations! Great way to start the Jubilee weekend. Just need to get my starter motor back in so that I can have a blat myself!



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Caterham speedo's have always been woefully optimistic.


I've heard of people who have seen nearly 140 indicated that was really nearer 120.


And I've seen an SLR get the needle off the clock down the back straight at Snetterton. And they're not that fast.


The worst thing about getting a Stack dash is you realise you aren't really going that quickly after all.

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The Stack dash can underread - especially on 16" wheels. Driving mine today with a GPS in the passenger seat revealed 68mph at an indicated 62mph...


Before you criticise, I wan going that slowly because I was in traffic on the M25. Before you criticise *that*, it's because I had to be somewhere fairly quickly. Oh, OK, I'll get me coat then....





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While I was at the factory today, reception were inundated with requests to speak to Andy - who's at Caterham. The number they printed was the Dartford one!


ISTR the sales one as 01883 333700 for those interested.


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