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A different view

Gary G

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Here is an extract from a reader's letter to Road & Track magazine (USA) following their road test of a Seven:


"I never thought I would offer a criticism of a Peter Egan feature, but his Caterham Seven article has a glaring ommission. He says it's "an exhilarating daily commuter" and a great car for Sunday morning drives, but he fails to mention that it's woefully unsafe on public roads. The driver and passenger are virtually unprotected should there be an accident. The car can't be sold fully assembled for precisely this reason. Whether an enthusiast concludes that the driving enjoyment outweighs this obvious negative is not the point. To ignore safety issues completely is irresponsible"

Richard Rivenes

Prescott, Arizona


Peter Egan responds:

"Whether the driving enjoyment outweighs the negative is exactly the point. It's a choice you have to make. It's a free country"



Gary G responds:

"The only thing that makes driving a Seven in the USA dangerous is the moron who insists on driving a 3-tonne truck with 16 million airbags into the side of it, because he's too busy trying to decide which drinks holder to put his 25 gallon Coke "cup" into."


C7 GAR id=red>


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So what safety related aspect of the car makes it unsaleable in the US in fully built form?


It's a well proven fact that a ligther object suffers less damage if it hits a solid immovable (sp?) object. without getting scientific I guess this is simply down to the lower momentum.



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The problem in the states is the ground clearance of most of these monsters. I suspect your average stateside pick-up would ride over the much lower 7 in a shunt rather than push it to one side. I believe 35 % of all vehicles sold in the states are pick-ups so this is a factor to consider
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Have they ever seen the racing accidents? I have seen a video at a show where one barrel rolls into the barrier about 6 times! The car was still relatively complete and the driver suffered cuts and bruises!


Americans have to drive stupidly large cars and how would they cope with something they had to change gears in?

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So should we all rgister on Road & Tracks forum and treat them with the resepect we did 4Car a year or so ago??[/b}


In case you want to the URL for the European cars section is




Lets go have fun!


Fat Arn

Visit the K2 RUM siteid=red>

See the Lotus Seven Club 4 Counties Area Website hereid=green>

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We have enough people to give them a good roasting on that forum. I am currently searching for the best outlet. I think the EUro car bit is mostly european people.


We have evidence to counter that claim.



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I'm just jealous Al. My dad had a Rover 2600, and I broke the electric windows by making them go up and down twice in a row "they're not for playing with" he said. Wasn't allowed to touch anything after that.


Interesting the car was delivered pre-stocked with real ash in the ash tray. Now you don't get customer service like that these days smile.gif

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Greg, the original Cobras, as opposed to the old AC Ace and the modern versions, were made in the US by Carroll Shelby. I think they're correctly titled as Shelby Cobras as opposed to the AC Cobra which are the more recent derivatives made by AC here in the UK.
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Yes indeed. Cat about to find itself amongst the pigeons methinks smile.gif


I had a little search for that Ligenfelter corvette that does 0-60 in 1.98 secs. Non-production car of course so doesn't count. The company advertises by having a picture of a 'vette smoking its rear tyres. Perhaps I am stupid, but I always thought that going forwards fast was the general idea ? Hey ho. tongue.gif


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