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Nitrons advice please


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Complete guess but something like 220-250lb at the front and 130-150lb at the rear. That is a complete guess though.


I run 250lb fronts and 150lb rears on my Duratec which is a little lighter than your crossflow, are you standard or widetrack as that makes a little bit of a difference.


Guy at Nitron is usually pretty good at advising on spring rates if you have a chat with him.




Rob G


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Suggest doing a search on Nitron in the forums, and ask Guy if the damping settings would be set to their usual initial settings (that I believe were used by Peter Carmichael) which are more suited to track use or if they have started offering similar settings to those Peter Ellis (Petrolhead) settled on which are far more forgiving for road use (but can be stiffened up for the track).
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