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Wheel NUTS (Caterham website)

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I need to order some wheelnuts for my new studs.


I "aquired" some but managed to strip the thread of a couple fitting the front studs.

Looking on the Caterham website, these ones here look closest to the ones I currently have.

However, they are listed as an "Ital" part.

I know the PDC for Ford and Ital are different - is the thread size the same??? (1.5 X 12 - from memory)


(Wheels are Superlite alloys)







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Hmmm... I've had a similar dilemma but concerning a Ford English axle. To be honest, I'd ring Caterham to ensure you get the right ones.


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Ital has 3/8" UNF

Older fords had 7/16"UNF, not sure on later models if they changed to metric.

The nuts on the Caterham site are listed for Ital STEEL wheels, not sure if they fit alloys.

Cheers John



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