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Powerspeed Exhaust Insert - noise reducer

David M

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Hi there,


Well first post for a very long time..... its good to be back *smile*


Anyway on with the request...


I seem to remember Grubbster got an insert from Powerspeed for his 4-2-1 exhaust that helped to reduce the noise from the exhaust which I'm interested in, but I can't find Daves contact details at Powerspeed... any help appreciated.





GF04RCE.... every day is a Caterham day!!!! He heee!!... pictures here.

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Powerspeed Contact Details


As to the insert I can vouch that it has an effect. Ran most of a day at Goodwood with no problems. Late afternoon session on starting the car I heard a noise which turned out to be the insert moving from the centre of the can to the rear.


That session I tripped 2 out of 3 drive by noise meters on one lap and got black flagged.the insert is simply a short section of perforated steel tube slightly smaller in diameter than that which runs through the centre of the can. It's squished at one end to help force more of the exhaust gases through the wadding. I didn't notice any deterioration in performance with it fitted.



Sussex (West) AR

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