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Trunnion to wide track costs


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I did a search on this subject but could not find the total cost.


I asked Caterham and they say that I will need:


standard wide track kit

4 dampers + springs




Has anyone who has completed this upgrade know the full cost please? And was it worth it! 😬


PS my 7 is a 1991 dedion



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Hi Woodfell


The cost would be that of the parts kits from CC. Unless you have months to wait for the parts to come up for sale secondhand. You shouldn't have to buy new dampers, just the extension pieces for the top mount. May be possible to just buy front springs, but CC will be steering you towards a "known" approved combination of front&rear spring set.


Whether it's worth it depends on personal opinion and indeed what you hope to achieve by fitting it.


Have you optimised the handling available to you with standard suspension on your car through good set-up and wheel/tyre choice?


A set of adjustable platforms and a flat floor set-up would set you back much less that all the parts to go wide!


Also worth bearing in mind that your vintage of chassis does not benefit from antidive front geometry and may not have the pick up points for the rear link of Watt's linkage rear. Both these would be needed to get a full Superlight suspension performance.




6SpeedManual *smokin*

*tongue*There's no such thing as too much BHP per Ton 😬

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Well my car is a 1990 DeDion which I converted to wide track 2 years ago.

It was straightforward enough. new uprights , widetrack kit which comes with ARB and replacement front spring/damper units.


I'm very pleased with it as it was a big improvement in stability and front end grip.


Some of the improvement will be due to having it set up correctly but some is due to the wider front track. My springs and dampers were nearly new from Freestyle on narrow track so any improvement was not due to replacing old with new.

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