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RiF Aero - mirror location


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Just in the process of fitting my aero screen and wondered if any had (or could take) some pictures of their mirror locations. I've got the smaller SPA side mirrors and an SPA centre mirror with a 100mm post (it looks a bit high!).







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I don't have a RIF screen but...


Mmm - well, the 100mm post is high. I changed to the 'Caterham standard' 40mm job (think it's 40mm - it's been around 4 years....)


My SPAs are scuttle-mounted - and I needed extended arms to see over the rear wings. I also found the smaller mirrors to be toooooo teeny - and have been using the convex 'touring' ones ever since - excellent view.


Pics in the gallery section of my webby (and elsewhere)


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Are you using the mirrors that RIF can supply with the aeroscreen? If so, the bases are designed to be fitted pretty much in one place I think.


I fitted mine quite high to ensure I could see properly across the rear wings. I will email a pic or two across to you later on.






The BEC has gone - now onto an R400!!

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Mine are Raceparts like CageyH's but fitted slightly higher. IMHO it is basically down to finding a flat surface where the mirror base can sit firmly and still allow you rear visibility. As there are very few options available, most mirrors end up in approximately the same place.


I can send pics if you blatmail me. *thumbup*




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