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What exhaust is this?


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I have in my collection of excess stuff what I think is a long primary 4-1 exhaust system.


Interestingly the middle two primaries are together, i.e. welded to the same mounting plate, with nos 1 and 4 on their own separate mounts.


Is this what is known as a long primary (SLR) exhaust 🤔


It is supposed to have come off K engined car, or so I was told when I bought it 2 years ago ... only to sell the VHPD engine I was going to fit it to.


Keep off the straight and narrow *tongue* 😬

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Is it the one you purchased off me - We met in a carpark just off the A14?



If yes, it is definately off a K series as I had it fitted on my car. I could probably dig out some photos of it on the car if thats any help.






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