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Short Ship? Carpets


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Can any recent Roadsport SV builders assist me. According to my build manual, I need to fit carpets before I fit my seats. I've just opened the carpet pack and I have...

2 Rubber footwell mats

1 Large section that fits the back panel (behind the seats)

1 Boot section

2 Long sections that fit the sides of the transmission tunnel

about a dozen (mostly triangular) odss and end which, TBH, look like offcuts


According to the manual, I should have 2 footwell 'carpets' and 2 underseat carpets.


I'd be interested to know what other SV builders have been sent and in how many packets (all of the above with the exception of the rubber mats came in a single bag)



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Hi, I built the standard body roadsport and there are no under seat or footwell carpets, just the ones you have, all the bits and bobs go in the boot section, it will become clear when you start to fit them. Good luck




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Carpets in the footwells and under the seats are bad news in my estimation they tend to get damp and then stink and encourage corrosion. Your better off without them I got some rubber flooring about 4mm thick and very accuratly cut to the exact 4 shapes reguired so that there is NO movement Works well easily pulled out and washed with a hose Far less bother



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