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Upper wishbone balljoints


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I noticed today that both front upper wishbone balljoints (one each side) have perished rubbers - the car has only done about 5000 miles since they were last replaced, and those were the originals (had done 20 000).


So I'm thinking is ther anything I'm doing wrong - I wonder if a failed to do anything when I changed them. They are caterham parts so I would have expected them to last longer.


Or is it a case that they all do this - and clearly I was lucky with the original ones lasting so long.


Oh - I'm assuming I'll have to change them because otherwise the joints will cease up!!!

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Its a pain in the 🙆🏻 but, in the words of Tom Jones, its not unusual *wink*


Not sure if Caterham have caught on but Redline definitely do the rubbers separately if the joint is still serviceable.




Green and Silver Roadsport 😬 or Mrs Locust's Blue Roadsport Academy 😬

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