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Xflow Dry Sump Oil Pump - Photos needed


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Any xflow owners out there have some photos of how their steering column passes through/past a 5 port dry sump oil pump? And also how the steering rack is angled?


I currently have my column passing between two of the hoses fittings from the pump. The clearance is next to nothing. At certain revs it vibrates the column. I have put up with it for 2 years, but now it is time to find another solution. ... Help.... *idea*

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Clearance IS next to nothing even with a twisted rack. I only have one poorish photo of mine and can't take any more as I am currently without an engine ironically due to an oil pump failure which did a lot of damage ☹️ Blatmail me your email address and I will send it.


However, the clearance is certainly less than 3mm between the column and the pump/pipes. As well as a slight forward twist my rack sits on some spacers which I think are in the 5-8mm range that allows the column to pass over the pipes (not between them) and down beside part of the pump. The pipes have extended and downswept ends on them as well which I had made up by the local hydraulics company. You will see what I mean from the photo.


You could also consider lowering the engine mount slightly by filing a bit off the engine mount at the chassis rail end. Care re the airfilters fouling on the bonnet though. You are using the 'special' drysump crossflow engine mount with the dog leg in one of the arms aren't you ?


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