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Rockingham - 18th October 2008


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Thanks to those of you that have sent the entry forms for the club track day at Rockingham on Saturday 18th October.


I've been a bit busy this week with Le Sept, but I'll be emailing the confirmation packs out to entrants early next week.


Meanwhile I still have places left so send in those entry forms.

It's open pit lane with free track driving instruction if you want it, and a noise limit of 103db.


Contact me via my profile for more details or if you want an entry form etc.


Geoff *smile*

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Hmm. Are there any spaces left at Rockingham? How suitable would this track be for a first trackday in a modestly powered (Sigma 150) 7? I wonder if Rockingham is best left to faster cars what with the high speed banking?

Building - tick.

Blatting - tick.

Alpine passes - tick.

Trackday - ah, yes.



See my Build Cam to check on my Roadsport Sigma. Updated photos!

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Bob -


Places available - Tick

First trackday - Tick

Banking - Tick (not just for the really fast cars)

Plenty of help and advice - Tick

Free instruction - Tick.


All in all I think You'll be fine at Rockingham for your first venture out. Plenty of room, plenty of friendly people about to help and advise. *thumbup*



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An impressive venue with good facilities, the infield section is technical and challenging. The oval is a new experience but IMHO it would be a safe circuit for a novice, and of course there is free instruction available for you to get the most out of the day.


Geoff *smile*




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Hi - bought my K-Series Roadsport 2 weeks ago now and loving it! Keen to get to a club track day as like the idea of free tuition and good people! Unfortunately I'm away for the Rockingham event so was wondering whether someone could please inform me when and where the next one might be?


Many thanks



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