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Emerald Not reading Coolant Temp correctly?


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While starting the car and watching the live readings on the Emerald the coolant temp rises, slowly, at around 35 degree's the fan kicks in ...


Now, it seems to be warming up ok, but I thought the fan would kick in when the ECU said so (as set in the emerald) and not before, now I don't have it set to kick in at 35! The dash dial is showing around 90 degree's when it kicks in (different sensor)


I replaced the ECU (brown) sensor with a second hand one that I had, and got the same results ...


So, my thoughts are faulty sensor? but why is the fan kicking in if its a faulty sensor? (showing 35 deg)



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The fan is controlled by a thermostatic switch in the top of the radiator, not the ECU. If you want the ECU to control the fan you need to rewire the fan via a relay and have the relay switched by the Emerald, in the standard loom this is *not* done.



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