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1600 Crossflow Tappets - 100bhp version

Mark Widdup

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I have one of the late sprint 1600 crossflow engines which was supplied by Caterham in their GTS model. I am told, this unit is 100bhp rather than the normal 110 bhp of the earlier units. Please can somebody tell me does this unit have the same tappet adjustments as the 110bhp version or are they different. If so, please can you let me know what they are.


Many thanks


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Your engine should have the standard Ford GT cam. The clearances are .014" inlet and .021" exhaust. This doesn't mean that John G is wrong because the quoted figs varied quite a bit from manual to manual and I've never been certain what to believe.


The figs I quote are what we used to use in FF1600 engines which use the same camshaft. In reality there is so much to flex and twist in Crossflow valve gear that a few thou either way won't make a huge difference.

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