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O/T - Mini Clubman, White – BMW “Twin Cam” A+


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Not the usual vehicle found on BC, but as there are a few lurking Mini Owners - I thought somebody might be interested in this unique beast hiding in my garage:


SFC 297X – Mini Clubman, White – BMW “Twin Cam” A+


Originally a 3 speed Automatic however it was purchased restored as required and re-built by Specialist Components as their demo car to the following engine spec:


1293cc/21253 pistons 10:1 cr

K100 Standard 8v head

std cams

std 33mm throttle bodies (Fuel Injection)

med crank and centre main strap

MED flywheel assy

helical box/drops

4 pin diff

3.44 diff

full SC conversion kit

SC “Cyclone” ecu and loom

Maniflow exhaust from engine to tailtrim

Makes 107bhp on the dyno and is lovely to drive on the road


Link to Dyno Chart Here = here


Engine has covered less then 100 miles since being built – Video of car in action is here:


Can is a "X" reg (1980/81) White Clubman which was originally a "HL" Automatic

Body has been renovated where required and a new rear sub frame and arms fitted

New cones HiLo's and Gaz shocks all round

Specialist Components Sub frame bolts and engine steady bar fitted

Engine is fully braced to cope with power increase

Minisport 4 pot callipers at the front and brake bias fitted, braided hoses etc

Front suspension arms, tie bars etc have been up rated to cope with the extra power

Bespoke fuel tank with return less fuel pump fitted

Rostyle Wheels and Yoko Tyres almost new.


Interior is standard apart from new carpet and additional centre dials for oil pressure, engine temp and revs


More pictures are available here:



The car has received a lot of attention and has spent most of its life since rebuild being trailer’ed to Mini shows, road miles have been very limited and it has not been used for racing.


Car is currently SORN'd and Not Taxed or MOT'd, available for viewing by appointment (Norfolk)


Contact Mark Harrison on 07774 232141 or via e-mail


£4700.00 as advertised,

MOT, Tax etc can be discussed as additions



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