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Rear anti roll bar VX 2.0

Mike C

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In order to fit wider rear wheels to my HPC, I've had to disconnect the anti roll bar links.


This is the system where the bar runs on top.


What is the best mod for handling? Do i fit an underslung bar, leave it disconnected or reverse the links so that they connect to the inside of the bar and give a little more room?




Mike C

No longer K9 JPE

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  • Support Team

Reverse the links and use washers to make sure that none of the thread sticks out from the nut to give the maximum clearance. Keep an eye on the tyres as under very high corner loadings the ARB can still touch the tyre. I have just fitted 235 rear tyres and it seems OK - will find out for sure at Pembrey this weekend.


Yellow SL *cool* #32 - member of Drowned Rat Racing

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