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Driving with a blown head gasket

Dickie Normuss

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A guy at work with an S1 Elise, in fact this guy here, and yes he's still running with the badgered discs!, told me yesterday that the usual has happened, the HG on his k has gone. It's started to use water and the oil has a 'scum' in it but hasn't yet gone to the traditional mayonnaise. He's still driving it as he says it's fine to do so *rolleyes* He's been quoted £1k to fix which apparently includes a head skim and some other stuff, seems steep to me?


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It depends on what is done, to do it properly requires head off, hardness test, head strip, skim and re-assemble, liners, rods and pistons and block dowels out, block reduction to correct liner stand proud and then careful re-asembly with new big0end bearings, oil, filter and collant as well as new gasket and bolts.


On the other hand to do a cheap and nasty job, it just involves head off, new gasket on, head on again.



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