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What actually is the click / clunk sound in k series click?

Matt B

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My 1998 K series developed the hot starting problem at the recent OBNS trackday. I have read nearly all the posts about the K series click and am trying now to establish what is causing it.


When its hot i turn the key, nothing happens apart from a click / clunk. What is it that is clicking / clunking? Is that the solenoid dropping?


Once i understand that, i can establish if it is caused by:

- the solenoid not dropping so could be the trigger wire

- solenoid dropping so could be main power wire to the starter

- earthing issues



Rocking the car in gear thus turning the transmission, is enough to get it fired up, which suggests this is solenoid?


I know there is a relay mod but i dont really want to mess around with the electronics by the ECU!




ps apologies for yet another post about the k series click........

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The click is the relay in the wedge shaped MFU beneath the MEMS the clunk is the solenoid attempting to kick in and in so doing close the main contacts to the motor[pre-engaged starter] The dreaded K click[talked about endlessly] is usually a lack of voltage to the solenoid, lots of mods trawl the archives The solenoid itself can stick and give bother there is an overhaul kit for it any Auto sparks shop can give your Starter a service But if Voltage is low getting there then you are wasting your time. *nono*



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Q.. What actually is the click / clunk sound in k series click?


A.. The sound of disapointment. (or despair, depending how many times it's happened to you!)


now being serious, dont apologise for posting about the click, it's b***** annoying and you're entitled to IMO. If youve satisfied yourself that your car's symptoms require the relay mod don't be frightened to attempt it. it works. period. and is not terribly difficult either.


Others on here may have better diagnostic skills on this matter than I do, i'm just posting to encourage you to get the relay mod done if it's appropriate for you. *thumbup* good luck!

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I added another relay into the spare slot in Caterhams fuse block assembly. Removed the starter trigger wire from the ign switch and replaced it with a new one to fire the new relay. Ran a new power wire into the relay from the battery (although I suppose you could easily tap into the main feed into the fuses), and a new wire out to the starter from the relay, totally removing the MFU thinga-majig from the starter circuit . . . no problems so far . .




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