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Roadsport A - 2003 6k miles, £11k


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Posting on behalf of an ex- (and possibly future 😬) club member:


Pistonheads Ad




Very sadly, my Caterham Roadsport A race car is now up for sale. Much loved, but I just can't afford the race entry fees any longer! I'm selling to fund a switch to a road going Caterham that I can use for track days and sunny days.


I've been asked to explain what Roadsport A is, so here we go: Roadsport A is the 3rd rung of the ladder in UK Caterham racing's 4 championships (Academy, Roadsport B, Roadsport A and Superlight), and is the last tier of Caterham racing to retain road legality; and although my car isn't actually road registered it has a V5 and just needs an MoT to get onto the road. The RA cars run standard 1.6 K series engines producing 115bhp, which are sealed and work may only be carried out by Minister themselves. Unlike the Roadsport B and Academy championships, Roadsport A cars run with just a small racing aeroscreen and with full race spec suspension, so visually they resemble the faster Superlight race cars. They also run 13" wheels with Avon CR500 tyres. The gearbox is a standard 5 speed unit, driving a normal rear diff (not an LSD). The interior is totally stripped out, and I sit on a moulded seat, I do have a tillet seat for it though and the mounting points for that remain. I also have a full tonneau for the car (I race with a half tonneau in place and a driver's side half door). My car weighs in at just over 500kg without ballast. Currently it's ballasted by about 33kg and corner weighted for a 67kg driver. Because of the cornering performance, Roadsport A cars are no slouches, and even in my hands my car will lap Brands Indy in around 54 seconds, or Silverstone National in 1m08s (in an Autocar I have from '98 a road going Caterham SLR does 1m06s, and an Elise S1 190 1:12).


The previous owner owned the car from new. He's still racing, but has now moved a rung up to C400 Superlights.


The car is ready to race in Roadsport A, or could easily be converted to another series. It just needs a fire extinguisher refill (£65 from GPR).


Spec is as per Roadsport A regs plus:


Lowered floor

Tall cage

Brake Bias adjuster in cockpit

Gearbox rebuilt last year (nothing major, it was just being awkward getting into 3rd gear)

Sides resprayed last year to remove stone chips

Harness mounts set up for a HANS device by Arch; original holes remain.

OMEX change up lights

Bodywork in great condition - waxed and polished regularly


Also negotiable in the deal are the following spares:


Two new front wings (still in the box)

Tillet seat & harnesses (intended for a passenger)

5 Minilites with fairly new Avon CR500s fitted

Removeable steering wheel boss (currently has a fixed one fitted)

Brand new boxed unfitted rear brake pads

Full set of front Anti Roll Bars

Windscreen surround (glass is cracked sadly) and lights to convert to road use if required.


Contact: Rob 07717727110






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Hi Darren, a lot of car for the money.


I'd be inclined to spell out (especially on Pistonheads) what spec an RSA is especially since it has changed over the years. ie spell out any highly prized items that aren't obvious from your ad.

At one point dry sumps wer optional and LSDs were mandatory IIRC, now they're banned!



supersported ex-Roadsports B

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although my car isn't actually road registered it has a V5 and just needs an MoT to get onto the road.




A V5 is only issued when a number plate is assigned to the car. Are you sure you have a V5 for this car, or are you confusing the certificate of newness from Caterham with the actual V5?


Note that without that certificate of newness,you'll have real trouble registering the car on an age related plate.


Also, the DVLA will not register a car over 3 years old without an MOT; they'll also want to inspect the car before issuing it a registration mark.

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Mark - an update from Rob... *thumbup*


"The car has an '03' registration number and a V5, but is currently SORN. I was unaware of the DVLA ruling that you mentioned (makes sense though), but I don't know when the car was last road legal,

although I suspect it was over three years ago when it was converted from Academy to

Roadsport A. I've seen a picture of it wearing a registration plate in 2003 (hanging

in Nick Potter's office at Caterham Midlands). The car is in great condition,

constantly fettled by me, and I'd expect it to breeze through a DVLA inspection if a

road conversion was made. Needless to say a road conversion is relatively simple. In

fact I did have plans to convert it before I decided to sell."





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