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Broken Windscreen Wiper Rack

SV Gary

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Windscreen wipers froze in the vertical position on the way back from the OBNS snetts track day last week ☹️


I tracked the fault down to a broken 'rack' i.e. the spiral wired braided cable that links the motor to the wiper spindles


Does anyone know where I can get a replacment 'rack' from 🤔 CC can only supply me the whole assembly i.e. motor, 'rack', tubes and wiper drive pinions at £165 *mad*


The lead dog always gets the best view.

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Have a word with SVC SVC website as they seem to have all the parts to fit when I had to sort out the SLR one.


Beaten to it by Mav *biggrin*





The BEC has gone - now onto an R400!!


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