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various upgrade parts for 1600k roadsport


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I'm about to start an upgrade path for a 2005 standard 120 bhp k series dedion 5 speed roadsport, and would be interested in any available parts such as:-

6 speed box


4 point harnesses

black pack screen

small dia black headlamps

big brake conversion kit / wide track kit (unlikely I know)

momo wheel and q/r column

4:1 long primary exhaust to replace standard

Track day roll bar

Leather s-type seats


I want to raise engine power to around 150 - 160 bhp, and would consider buying an already upgraded k series engine/ecu to replace mine, an upgrade kit, or a suitable duratec or sigma replacement engine if not too expensive. Any ideas/suggestions appreciated.


I am after fairly new low mileage parts if poss to match the car which has done 3000 miles.

Thanks for any help.

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MMIS, why don't you just trade it in for an R300, will have all you want and my bet is, would work out quite a bit cheaper. The price of those bits plus the engine must be in the region of £4-5k and that assumes you can do the work yourself. After all the work you still only end up with a modified 1600k Roadsport.


All IMHO of course.





Superlight #85

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Hi, sorry for delay...have been away. Lights now sorted, collecting harnesses tomorrow. Mk3 softbits hood on order (will have unused std hood and hood supports available for sale soon). Am stuck on engine / gearbox / exhaust. I would dearly love to go 2l duratec, but £££. Sorry for indecision on exhaust so far Nifty 😳. Regards, Paul.



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