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Just got round to checking the camber after changing to stiffer springs. Garage has flat floor and O/S wheel has 2 degrees camber but N/S wheel has 0.5 degrees.


Need to adjust so undid all bolts but could not separate the taper from the top of the hub.


Is there a technical way of doing this??? I don't fancy hitting bits with mallets etc *confused*



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Need the type pictured. I had the other style (like a G shape), and there isn't room for that in there. Once you have removed the tapered pin, hope you can turn the rod-end .... my nearside one was seized solid ... and I mean solid !


Edit - where are you based ? Probably find a Sevener nearby that can lend you one !


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It can easily be done using a suitably cut length of threaded rod and two nuts. Place between the bottom of the ball joint taper and the wing stay mount below. Unscrew the nuts to put pressure on the taper and up she pops. No need to spend on fancy tools 😬


Edited to add that you'd better hope the ball joint's thread was well covered in copper grease before it was screwed into the upper wishbone. It's a long length of fine thread which if not greased will be siezed into the wishbone. I once tried removing one having removed the wishbone and using a bench vice. End result - new wishbone please old one is bent ☹️



Sussex (West) AR

Not forgetting Percy the Polar Bear


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Hi all,


Thanks for sugestions. Ball joint separator was one option I had considered but thought the wisdom of Blatchat might come up with others... as it has...Thanks Steve/OBNS I have a feeling your method will get a testing this weekend.





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