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Where can I buy rose joints for a gear linkage


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I only need a few for the linkage, so I might buy 4-6 maybe, not many I know.

M6 or M8 to go through the 'eye' would be fine and I want to use either M6 or M8 for the threaded connection into the stud.

I thought Demon Tweeks etc might stock them but can't seem to find them. All the manufacturers I've checked out all seem to sell industrial quantities only *eek*



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Try this guy here:




Bought quite a few bits off him in the past couple of years - all of it seems good stuff - some of it's holding the back axle on my classic trials car in place and takes some serious abuse (the chassis has bust a couple of times, but not the joints). Some more M8 versions currently lasting well as anti-roll bar links in my integrale - and that will knock out crap stuff in real short order.


I've got his leaflet somewhere, but can't find it, hence the ebay link.


Mention Bri, the tight fisted yorkshireman, recommended him - if only to get me a discount next time 😬. Quick delivery and reasonable costs too. Sorted my mistake out in sizes of rubber protective boots for no extra cost.



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6mm & 8mm rose joints are used as track rod ends in karting - try Dart Karting 01322 222645 (www.kartstore.co.uk) or have a look in a Karting magazine...




Chaos, panic and disorder - my work here is done!

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Fantastic chaps, lots of great contacts there *smile*


I was looking at D Tweeks on-line only; perhaps I'd better order their catalogue to make things easier *rolleyes*


I'll will investigate all of the others 'cos there are lots of other bits I need too.


Cheers *thumbup*

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Hi Steve,

Yes, making progress, but not as fast as everyone else *tongue* or I would like 😔

Actually, I'm long past having a deadline date in place because of work and family commitments and quite a few, well, I think this sums it up:

There are known knowns. There are things we know that we know. There are known unknowns. That is to say, there are things that we now know we don’t know. But there are also unknown unknowns. There are things we do not know we don’t know.

The main thing is, I'm getting to know my Caterham and I'm enjoying it *thumbup*

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The main thing is, I'm getting to know my Caterham and I'm enjoying it


That's good. Rebuilding certainly takes longer than building from new. My Academy car took me 4 weeks whilst my current (track rebuilt for road) car took 9 months. And that was without a new house to build 😬



Sussex (West) AR

Not forgetting Percy the Polar Bear

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