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8v vx clutch cable /CRB - quick questions


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just had a new cable delivered from Redline - it is adjustable at both ends. My current one isn't and has a nylon cup/ rubber pad where it goes into the pedal housing- will the new one fit ok?


Fitting a new CRB today - does it need any additional lubrication when fitting?






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I also had the same thing when i bought a cable for my vx from redline.


Ive been using the replacement cable for the past 6 months and it is ok. Although, im still not completely convinced that it is the correct one.



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re lubrication - I was told to clean all the surfaces with meths and assemble dry. Any oil or grease will trap dust from the clutch plate and could clog up. Only item in the clutch assembly I would grease is the splines on the input shaft and the bearing in the end of the crank but with the smallest amount necessary.





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thanks for the advice.


CRB now changed - original came out in 4 pieces *eek*- plastic carrier, bearing assembly, plastic tube/collar from inside bearing and a piece of twisted metal which has made its way into the clutch (but thankfully no damage done).

No wonder that I had to do a big clutch adjustment on arrival at Curborough, just to select a gear, and that the pedal was bouncing up and down on the way back home! Surprising it lasted really.



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