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Rear hub nut ....


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Seasy to remember you jump on the Scaffolding pole to tighten them both whilst holding onto the top of screen with one hand and FIA bar with other. *wink* 😬 😬 😬



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Adrian, the previous pair of retaining nuts had a green insert, but those supplied by caterham a year ago had not, hence my difficulty.


Dave, undone ok, but bearings have cooked/disintergrated and are not prepared to separate from the drive shaft, so will be looking for a press on Tuesday ☹️

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When mine blew on the way to spa Seven indulgence removed the bearing remains from the shaft by cuting carefully to about 80% thickness with an angle grinder and then splitting with a chisel.


Heat and other methods had failed as the bearing was nicely welded to the shaft. The shaft did need a bit of cleaning up with emery paper and has been fine since.



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Now this method is for the brave and the confident but it does work.



Get an angle grinder with a few cutting discs and a grinding disc


First cut through the otter of the bearing on both sides and you should get most of the bearing off. this leaves the inner to come off


Using the grinding disc slowly and carefully start grinding a flat on the inner. And keep going deeper but carefully watch the color of where you are grinding. When it goes blue the metal is very thin and stop grinding here. keep going until you have a nice blue line which means a thin section. Now the bearing inner should crack and then come off the shaft.


Be careful as you don't want to nick the shaft. take your time and it should be fine.


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