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Old Style Caterham 7 badge


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Old style plastic Caterham 7 badge this is in v good condition, no fading- £15



IXL Extract/light/heater all in one great for wet rooms, brand new unused. Over £300 new. Open to any offers, suggest £50here




Been ordered to clear out the Cellar *mad* So will keep adding items as I unearth them.











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Is the breaker 240v, does it come with bits and has it seen a lot of use? Do you have a model number. Subject to these i am interested as i have a patio that needs to go and this looks ideal. Would need to get it posted as i am in Sheffield.




Ian Brock

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Its 110v, HM 1200khere


Its in good condition and Ill include a point.


Postage is a bit of a pain TBH,


Might not be worth buying for a one off either - youre welcome to loan for a NtL donation.


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Thanks for the info, i think i will have to pass on this one. I already have a smaller breaker, so will give that some abuse. Thanks for the offer of the loan, but i think sorting the shipping would be the killer.


Good luck with the cellar clearance, I am under simillar instructions myself, so a new toy may not have been the best option.

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