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Garage Sale

Slow Hida

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- A pair of green clam shell wings. New but one is scratched - £60 ono

- New X Flow Clutch cable - £25

- A pair of black 7 inch headlamps ( cable assemblies need some work) - £10

- A leather transmission tunnel top for a short cockpit - £5

- Passenger side window ( previous owner drilled in 3 places for fittings ) - £5

- One Lucas 7 inch light unit with H4 bulb -£5

- Tonneau cover mutilated by me to enable installation after fitment of FIA bar -£20

- New fan belt for X Flow -£10

As all the proceeds are going to NTL, I guess highest bid wins on all items and the bidding would close on Wednesday night. Not really sure of what I am doing here but if I am breaking any rules perhaps someone can put me straight.

Buyer to collect - I live 4 miles from Birmingham Airport or office is Wigston Leicester

Tony Baker 07768 024405

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Hello PaulB

The tonneau is for a De Dion and came off my 1994 car.. There is no petty strut hole.

The home made modification is in the area of the passenger seat head rest which sits slightly further forward than it did before because of the fitment of the FIA roll bar.

The head rests sit outside of the tonneau cover


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I have tried to take photo of the wings but it doesn’t show up the scratches.

The wings are new and undrilled.

The scratches are light but I honestly think the wings will need respraying before fitment.

Again I am open to offers because the bits that dont sell will go to the tip ( Is that just a brummie word)


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We are going to the Welsh Blat on Saturday so if anyone wants the clutch cable or fan belt, please let me know. We can bring them along.

Unforetunatley, SWMBO will make sure there is not any space for anything larger. *smile*

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