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Speedo shaft plug

The Rookies

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Hi All

We're a father/son combo plunging into the world of Caterhams for the first time and have just taken delivery of a garage full of parts that should at some point resemble a Roadsport SV Sigma 150 in Viper Blue!


We've made it through the manual so far without too many glitches but have a question...


We've attached the gearbox (5sp) to the bellhousing and the manual then says to apply some Silicone sealant to and insert the Speedo Drive plug and Speedo shaft plug however the RH side has a aluminium disc covering it and the LH side has a cap head bolt in it. Does this mean that we don't need to fit the plugs or does the disc and bolt need to be removed?


Any ideas welcome,


Many thanks, Stuart and Jon

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Hi Stuart and Jon


Welcome to 7ing in Northants Beds and Bucks area. Hopefully your car will be finished soon and you'll be up for some blatting.


Regarding your speedo drive Q, I am not sure about the 5 speed box drive.


On your new spec cars, is the speedo electonic, picking a signal from a sensor somewhere? If the holes for the speedo cable to the box are plugged I would leave them if a speedo drive cable is not required. The speedo drive is notorious for leaking!


Maybe someone else with a recent build with 5spd can give more info.







6SpeedManual *smokin*

*tongue*There's no such thing as too much BHP per Ton 😬

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Hi Peter, thanks for that. It seems that the speedo sensor is attached to the rear suspension which i guess means that we don't need to put the plugs in to the gearbox. Hopefully, if they were prone to leaking then this might be a fix. (fingers crossed)


If anyone has recently build a Sigma 5sp and can confirm this prior to installation then that would be great!


Looking forward to some blatting....

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