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sigma 1200 BC set up


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Ok guys, I've installed the Sigma 1200 BC as per the instructions. Measured the rolling circumferance of the 175/55/13 Avon CR500's as 1610mm and divided that by 1.60934 to get mph. I entered 1001 into the sigma and selected Mph. Is that the correct procedure?


Obvioulsy something is not right as it says I'm doing about 84 mph in fourth gear at 3000 rpm. (3.62 diff and six speed.)


Can someone show me the errors of my way? thanks Tom







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According to Myles' site here it looks like you have got the calibration factor pretty close to his for the same tyre size. Is the reading jumping around at all? I'm wondering if the gap between magnet & sensor is too big.


I must have nudged my sensor whilst swapping the wheels at Dunsfold today as I was getting some strange values on the way home. I'd see 0 followed by my true speed (as compared to the sat nav), then somewhere in between for a bit.






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Thanks for the confirmation Darren. I glued a magnet to one of the bolts on the disc. I assumed that since I was getting a consistant reading that it was close enough. Just curious why it seems to be approximately double the actual speed. I'll go out to the garage and check the distance and alignment again. Although an indicated 100mph in second is cool. *smokin* cheers Tom
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