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K&N Air Filter Nuts

New Cat

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One of the nuts that holds on the K&N air filters onto the Webers on my car has gone missing.


Any ideas as to where is the best / most cost effective place to get a replacement?


Yes, I know its a numpty question! 😬



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Jon - 14p each from Wrights Auto Supplies, plus postage.


Also available from your local Screwfix Trade Counter for under 10p, but you'll have to buy 99 spares. If your K&Ns are anything like mine at shaking these nuts loose, that might not be a bad investment. *wink*




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Anyone know where to get a replacement long bolt and rear screw for the K&N Filter. Mine just rotates when you do up the nut. I have tried to nip it up but it wont budge.


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I used metric nylocs M6 from memory - they don't come of unless you undo them.


As for the backing bolt rotating put a good grippy lock washer either side of the plate - so one under the bolt head and one on the plate to rod - Threadlock it up good and tight and it won't ever rotate again *thumbup*


Don't forget to add lightness :-)

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