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Big Not-So-Red Starter buttons ......

SLR No.77

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Trying to clear a few bits ......... I have 3 big starter buttons, same as the usual BRSB but these are ....... Blue, Black & Green!

These can be used for the starter, or other applications such as horn, flash, etc. They were all fitted to my car but are in virtually as-new condition (the green one was never actually connected!).

The 1/8" spade male terminals on each switch have also had 1/4" male spade terminals added to make wiring easier - these are very neatly shrink sealed.


I think these are around £9 plus postage new from Farnells, so if anyone wants one happy to take a fiver each and include postage 😬




Joint Area Representative MAD Sevens (Merseyside And District)

www.superse7ens.co.uk..........the rebuild 😬



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